Catholic home-schooling families collaborating with like-minded individuals for their children's education, socialization and spiritual nurturing.

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Why a Catholic Homeschool Co-op?

Faith Formation

A Catholic homeschool co-op provides an opportunity for children to learn and grow in their faith alongside other Catholic families. They can participate in regular prayer, attend Mass together, and learn about Catholic teachings and values in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Community and Socialization

Homeschooling can sometimes be isolating, but joining a co-op can help provide a sense of community and socialization for both children and parents. Children can make friends and develop relationships with other Catholic homeschoolers, while parents can connect with like-minded families who share similar values and goals.

Shared Learning

Co-ops often offer opportunities for group learning and shared experiences, such as field trips, service projects, and educational activities. Children can learn from one another and benefit from the diverse talents and knowledge of the group.

Professional Instruction

Some Catholic homeschool co-ops hire professional instructors to teach classes or provide specialized instruction in areas such as music, art, or foreign languages. This can give children access to high-quality instruction in subjects that may be more difficult to teach at home.

Support for Parents

Homeschooling can be challenging, and joining a co-op can provide support and encouragement for parents. They can connect with other homeschooling parents for advice, share resources and materials, and get feedback on their teaching approach.

What is Our Vison?

At Assumption Academy Canada, we empower Catholic homeschool families to cultivate academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development in their children. Through innovative and collaborative learning experiences, we strive to inspire lifelong learning, compassionate leadership, and a deep sense of purpose in our students. Our co-op provides a supportive and nurturing community where families can grow in their Catholic faith, share resources and ideas, and work together to provide a high-quality, truly Catholic education for their children.

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